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Three glass bottles of liquid coconut oil. Flavours of lemon herb, original, and garlic
A glass bottle of original liquid coconut oil.
A glass bottle of lemon herb liquid coconut oil.
A glass bottle of garlic liquid coconut oil.
Liquid Premium Coconut Oil (237ml)

Liquid Premium Coconut Oil (237ml)

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Amazing Coconut Oil!

Available in three great flavours: Original, Garlic, and Lemon Herb
Made from organically grown coconuts our liquid premium coconut oil serves as a nutritious alternative to other vegetable oils. Try it as a salad dressing, a dip, frying, or sauteing.
  • Using a purely physical process, most of the long chain fatty acids are removed without the use of any chemicals
  • NUCO Liquid Premium Coconut Oil remains liquid even at 7°C
  • Contains no cholesterol, and greater than 25% more MCFAs than Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Having a lower melting point than Extra Virgin Coconut Oil allows consumers to use this product in many ways